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The Quarter System

So, for a while, I had been ending everyday feeling like I got the beat down. Also feeling like the slave of the family. Picking up everyone's junk, cleaning up after everyone, etc. Also, there had been lots of fighting between siblings. Constant. Incessant. Unending. I had tried everything: no dessert, no TV, miss out on this activity, miss out on that activity. Unphased. Then I came up with THE QUARTER SYSTEM. It is a very simple system. If you do not pick up after yourself (i.e. candy wrappers on the floor rather than in trash can) you will pay me a quarter for each item I pick up. Quarters are also charged for slowness, hitting, or extreme rudeness (such as pouring milk on your sister in the bed, which happened last night).
At the beginning I quickly found the way my plan might fail. My kid were very close to running out of money to pay me for all of the toys, candy wrappers, dirty dishes, etc. that they had forgotten to be responsible for, BUT, fortunately for my evil plan (B…
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A Different Easter Weekend

This year, we did something very different for Easter. Maddy had Friday and Monday off from school that weekend. We had been wanting to do a little family vacation as we hadn't really done anything like that since we went to Hilton Head when Kelsay was about 10 months old. We were going to try to do something over spring break, but everything was booked up by the time we looked  We decided to go to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs which is located in Nathrop, CO near Buena Vista and Salida. It is about an hour and a half from us. We got a cabin that could hold 6-8 so we decided to invite Nanna and Grandad to come along. Maddy had a birthday party to go to on Friday so Aaron took her to the party and the rest of us headed up to the hot springs. We had a pleasant drive, got to the resort, checked in and unloaded everything in the cabin. We brought all of our own food for the weekend and pool access came with the cabin so it really was a very affordable set up. The cabin h…

Christmas/New Year

We went to Montrose/Grand Junction to celebrate Christmas. Kelsay got the stomach bug on Christmas Day. It didn't stop her from enjoying the scooter she and Maddy got from "Santa" aka Uncle John and Auntie Sherry.
Maddy and I got the stomach bug a couple days after Christmas. Then we traveled to Farwell/Lubbock for New Years.
Other news is that the girls got pets for Christmas. Maddy got a teddy bear hamster she named Pumpkin and Kelsay got a beta fish she named Kelsay. The hamster bit Kelsay on the finger so now Kelsay keeps her distance. She enjoys feeding the beta fish. Maddy loves the hamster. She is very particular about what kind of food it eats, what kind of bedding it has, it's environment etc. She researched hamsters for at least 2 months before she got her hamster. I really think there is nothing you could ask her about a hamster that she would not be able to answer. She even wrote a book about hamster care in a notebook. It has 13 chapters. Each "chap…