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Moving on into August. I went on a very pretty hike by this stream while the girls were in day camp one day.

 Threw this pic in for laughs. We call this the poop pose. It pops up once in a while, but not as often as stretchy face. If you've been looking at all the pics, you're well acquainted with stretchy face by now. 
 Girls had fun with hair mascara.
 One of the highlights of August is that Dr. Rachel, another friend from Dallas came to visit. Sadly, I failed to get pictures while she was with us. She too, succumbed to altitude sickness for a day or two. She stayed with us about a day and then we all drove over to Montrose. We went to Snowmass to drop Dr. Rachel at a friends house. We drove through Pitkin county over Independence Pass. That was a drive that I'd never done before and it was absolutely beautiful. I can't remember the name of the triangular shaped 14'er that is really famous over there. Five people fell and died hiking it this summer. It was real…
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Continuing on through July events:

 The Barkers, some of our friends from TX, came to visit mid-July. It was so great to see them and spend time together. We did a lot of things and were exhausted by the end but it was a refreshing time too. We went to Red Rocks twice because the kids loved it so much.
 We toured the Molly Katherine mine in Cripple Creek. It was a really neat tour. It is a bit pricey but I highly recommend it you get the chance. It is a historical mine, not currently a working mine. The tour takes you 1000 feet below the surface and then the guide gives you a history of mining and the development of equipment to make mining easier and more profitable. It was fascinating. We also got to do a lot of picnicking as we took lunches a lot while we were doing different sight seeing.

 We also drove to the top of Pike's Peak. That was really fun. I had not been up there since the ascent in 2010. I want to drive up again next summer and stop at more of the points of interes…