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Chicken Run 2

...or do I mean Three Stooges: The Lost Episodes?

It all started in March when Aaron decided to get 5 chicks from tractor supply--two barred rock and three golden comets. The golden comets were the type of chicken we already had. The idea was to replace some layers that got killed one night when they were left out in the cold. We had since built a covered chicken run to prevent predators. The main question about getting these chicks is where we'd actually keep them once they became stinky, ugly pullets instead of cute little chicks. That question, however was never really answered. So the chicks grew bigger and bigger, were transferred to the garage and became very, very stinky. We finally decided that maybe it was time to try to integrate the pullets into the new flock. We put them out in the coop and separated the pullets in the coop and the big chickens in the yard for several days. Things seemed to be going well so we left the coop open and the new chickens mostly stayed in th…
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Anna Maria

This past week we took a 5 day trip to Anna Maria Island, FL. It is about an hour and a half drive from Tampa. Aaron bought this vacation fall 2016 at an auction for Maddy's school. He planned to use it as a work trip for Bios Research, but it never came together until May 2018. So the Fletchers, Mom and Dad, and two of Aaron's employees went to the beach house for the vacation. The house we stayed in was huge and really nice and maybe a 1/4 mile walk to the beach.
We started our trip off by having flight delays and then rental car problems.  I was 1:30 a.m. when we got into Tampa. Then took forever to get our mini van we rented. As we drove to turn out of the airport the back of the van popped open and would not shut! So we turned around and went back to the rental place. The guy got it to close but then the back wouldn't open! So they gave us another van and we finally got to our hotel at 3 a.m. We all slept in the next morning. After breakfast at the hotel, we decided…